ESTEC Golf Club

What do we offer?

The Estec Golf Club (EGC) has a 9-hole course (par 58) on the ESTeC site, which is professionally maintained and meets the NGF's "qualification" requirements. It is open for the whole year except when the weather dictates otherwise.

We operate a handicap management scheme which is fully integrated with that of the NGF (and the EGA).

We have a full programme of competitions at all levels, both internally and against other golf clubs. New members, including those who are completely new to golf, are very welcome.

Upon joining, members gain full access to the Club’s website and membership of the NGF. Membership of the NGF provides a collective third-party insurance.

We are qualified to conduct the theory (etiquette and rules) and practical examinations required for the GVB and also the "Rules Exam" required for an EGA handicap. About twice a year we offer courses on the Rules of Golf, particularly for those who want to obtain their GVB.

The Club has four driving nets, a chipping area, a practice bunker and a practice putting green. At the beginning of the season we organize communal practice sessions on the course once a week in the early evening.

Club members are expected to provide their own equipment, but for those members who do not yet have their own clubs, we have a small stock of clubs available for short-term loan.



Membership is open to all ESTEC employees, retirees and immediate family members. There are a number of different membership categories designed to cover a broad range of situations.

To apply for membership check the membership page.

How are we organized?


In accordance with SSCC Rules the Club is run by a Committee, which is elected annually by the Club members at a General Meeting, normally held in December. The Chairman and Treasurer are elected at the General Meeting other committee responsibilities are decided by the committee itself.


Where are we


Keplerlaan 1, 2201 AZ Noordwijk Zh, Netherlands




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