ESTEC Golf Club

Who may play golf at ESTEC?

The ESTeC golf course may only be used by “playing members” of the Club, their guests, official guests of the Club and other persons specifically authorised by the Committee.

Members are not required to have a GVB to use the course, but you are asked not to go out on the course by yourself until you have acquired some basic skills and knowledge of course etiquette.


When is play not permitted?

The course is in in principle open every day of the year.

Members are reminded that the course is a public area and it is closed for safety reasons between 11:30 and 14:00 on ESTeC working days.

The course may be closed by the Committee at any time due to bad weather or to give priority to an official competition.

Course closures will be announced by e-mail.

The course status will be given on the website and will also be shown on the Club notice board next to the CheckInn.


Registration of Golf Rounds

The Club does not operate a teetime booking system.

All players are required to register each round of golf in advance in the “round registration” book provided in the CheckInn. This applies to competitions as well as to casual rounds.


Guests and Greenfees

Members may only introduce one guest per round and are required to accompany the guest at all times.

All guests must be registered with Site Security.

The guest must be registered - before playing - in the CheckInn, using the greenfee tickets provided.

After putting the greenfee in one of the envelopes provided, write the number of the ticket on it and deposit it in the box marked "Greenfees". Keep the torn off part of the ticket available during the round as confirmation that the guest is registered and has paid. Register players in the “round registration” book.

Qualifying Rounds

Rounds played in official competitions with a suitable format are automatically “qualifying”, that is to say that they count towards a player’s handicap.

Casual rounds are non-qualifying unless recorded in advance in the “qualifying rounds” book in the CheckInn. The player’s scorecard must be have a yellow “qualifying sticker” and carry the same number as in the qualifying rounds book.

After the round, the correctly completed scorecard should be deposited in the blue box in the CheckInn.

General Matters

Be aware of the Local Rules posted in the CheckInn and temporary rules shown on the white board.

For any complete round of golf, players may elect to play from either the yellow or red tees, although here may be exceptions to this for some specific competitions.

All tees are “qualifying”, although your strokes received will be different depending on the selected tees.


The category of Non-playing Member is intended for non-golfing partners of Full Members or parents of Junior Members who wish to be associated with the club. The Club also accepts members of the wider ESTeC community who wish only to participate in the Club's social activities.

As Junior Members the Club accepts the children of ESTEC employees, who, at the start of the membership year, have not yet reached the age of 21 years.

Honorary Members shall be nominated by the Committee for election at a General Meeting. A list of Honorary Members shall be placed on the club website

As Country Members the Club accepts ESTEC pensioners and their partners who live permanently outside the Netherlands, and ESTEC staff who have been posted elsewhere and live outside the Netherlands.


The membership period corresponds to the calendar year.



There are three parts to the club subscription:

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